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Social Awareness

HBEC will donate through her subsidiary Trampoline Thailand a 360 cm trampoline to Baan Gerda as a Christmas gift. Baan Gerda is an orphanage located in the center of Thailand (Lopburi).

The delivery date is 26 November 2016 and pictures will be uploaded soon after. About Baan Gerda: “BaanGerda is the only organization in Thailand that provides family-style homes for orphans, as well as comprehensive HIV care.

We believe this structure plays a great role in the recovery and continued health of our children. They all attend school or kindergarten, while their foster parents take care of housekeeping and handicraft production”

If you like to know more about this orphanage please click here

TrampolineThailand also donated a trampoline to Baan Home Hug, another orphanage for HIV infected and affected orphans located in Yasothorn, northeastern Thailand.

In many cases one or both parents died from HIV infection and Baan Home Hug offers them shelter until they turn 18. About Baan Home Hug ” Baan Home Hug is a home for 170 HIV infected children in need of hug and love.

Baan Home Hug has been their home for over 20 years. Set up by a single dedicated woman, social worker Suthasinee Noiin. Despite her struggle with cancer she continues to devote herself to children and adults with HIV / Aids, as well as those suffering from drug addiction .

We feel it’s important to give something back, to the community and other individuals that are less fortunate or in need of help.

We gladly make monetary donations to charities and also donate our time to charities and grass root organizations that hold benefits for children (providing recreation activities for youth). We encourage you to donate your time or resources too!

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