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Main line of Products (but not limited to …)

Since 1998 HBEC has been supplying the flower industry with related products.

Floral Packing and Decoration

Since 1998 HBEC has been supplying the flower industry with related products.

After starting with flower sleeves, we gradually added other related products such as pruning shears, flower hooks, price stands, rubber bands, transport liners, orchid tubes, decorative picks and many more.

In 2002 we started exporting a range of plastic buckets and since 2004 glass vases that are now the main products in turnover.

We shipped in 2015 about 30 x 20′ FCL and 80 x 40′ HC of goods to Africa, Australia, Europe and USA and we expect the year 2016 to reach 32 x 20’FCL and 95 x 40’HC of goods.

Our strength is the close relationship we maintain with our distributors: an open exchange of information about products and application.

Mosquito Netting and Applications

HBEC sources mosquito nets and derivative products (window netting, mosquito bednets, head nets, etc) for distributors of outdoor/camping products.

HBEC has been working in this field since 2005. Feel free to check us out for pricing if you already have your own range of products

Plastic Injection Molded Products

HBEC has substantial knowledge in the field of injection molded products for all kind of plastics such as: PP, PE, ABS, PS, AS to mention a few. Our factories produce and maintain the injection molds in perfect condition over an agreed period of time at no extra charges. From the drawing to the first prototype and/or sample, you will be involved and requested to approve step for step.

HBEC guides the complete process starting from producing samples, following production and improving process where required and do an final inspection on finished goods prior to shipment. Customer is involved and is required to approve each step of the process to avoid misunderstandings.

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