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HBEC is a sourcing company located in Thailand since 2003. Our services are designed to help clients find the best available products in either Thailand or China.

Our main product categories are flower related products (glass vases, transport buckets, flower bags, rubber bands etc) and mosquito nets (having worked 5 years with one of the main players on the African continent for malaria prevention).

With our local presence in both China and Thailand and international vision, we are able to bridge the cultural and business gaps that often hinder business success in Asia.

Our team of experienced and professional staff are able to provide superior services, while understanding overseas customer’s requirements. We go the extra mile in product sourcing

We listen and seek to understand your needs

It is easy to find a low prices and glossy websites, finding the right product at the right price is a different story in product sourcing. Working on different continents gives us an advantage in expertise.

Having worked over 20 years in this field we can track supplier(s). Once we find the right supplier we organize a quotation and samples, do a factory evaluation.

We follow the order during production process until goods get loaded in the container to make sure goods are shipped in-time.

We keep track with shipping companies and update customers on every step of the process.

(In this Aug. 25, 2015 photo, a worker tests robots’ arms at a factory in Jiaxing in east China’s Zhejiang province. For decades, China’s manufacturers employed waves of young migrant workers from the countryside to work at countless factories in coastal provinces, churning out cheap toys, clothing and electronics. Now, factories are rapidly replacing those workers with automation, a pivot that’s encouraged by rising wages and new official directives aimed at helping the country move away from low-cost manufacturing and get ready for the future).

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